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Q. What is Gadget Doctor?

A. Gadget Doctor is India's largest and most trusted online gadget repair portal. It fixes all kinds of gadgets like laptops, MacBooks, smartphones, tablets, desktop, printers, etc. of all brands & makes with the added convenience of free pickup and delivery as per customer convenience and satisfaction.

Q. How does Gadget Doctor work?

A. Place a service request through our website or call us at +91-9667289491 or email us at support@gadgetdoctor.in. We visit you, pick your device, diagnose it, fix it and deliver it – making the process completely hassle-free for you and collect payment.

Q. What are the cities Gadget Doctor operates in?

A. Pan India Services: We are providing our gadgets repairing services in all over India.

Q. How do I place service request at Gadget Doctor?

A. You can create a service request through the following processes:-
> Visit our website and fill your details at the book service section for quick and easy support.
> Call us at +91-9667289491/9667289409 and our executive will book your service request.
> Give a miss call on 9667289491 and our executive will call you back.
> Send service request email to support@gadgetdoctor.in.

Q. What happens to my phone once it is picked up?

A. You will receive an SMS & email confirmation once your gadget has been picked. Your gadget is then dispatched to our workshop where it is diagnosed and repaired.

Q. How much does Gadget Doctor charge for its repair service?

A. Gadget Doctor charges Rs. 0/- for diagnosis but you have to pay Rs. 250/- as a security amount. This is collected at the time of gadget pickup. The quoted price is inclusive of this security amount and this gets adjusted in the final invoice. In case of any additional charges than the quoted charges, the customer would be intimated before gadget servicing is begun.

Q. What time does it take for gadget to be repaired & delivered?

A. Gadget Doctor gives three days of repair service for touch & LCD replacement on some selected devices. For the actual time of repair for your device please talk to our representative.

Q. Is there a warranty on the repair service undertaken by Gadgetdoctor?

A. Gadget Doctor provides a service warranty of 100 days from the time gadget has been delivered. Warranty doesn't cover any breakage/damage caused by the external environment after a gadget has been delivered.

Q. Is there a service charge on Gadget Doctor warranty repair?

A. There is no service charge on concerns/complaints regarding repairs that are raised within 3 days of delivery of the product. However, we charge a nominal service fee of Rs. 299 as service/labor charge if the complaint is raised after 3 days post-delivery.

Q. How safe is my gadget with Gadget Doctor?

A. Gadget Doctor guarantees the safety of your electronic devices by providing undertaking blanket responsibility against any possible theft/loss caused while the device is in its possession. However please note physical damage to screen often results from damage to other components (sensor, motherboard, etc.) and Gadgetdoctor won't be held responsible for issues that are discovered during the process of repair. Repair/diagnosis of the device might result in minor wear & tear, hence the device might not be returned in an as-is state.

Q. What are the product issues covered in the service?

A. Gadget Doctor service covers the entire gamut of issues faced by mobiles – from mobile going dead to having the touchscreen replaced etc. Please check the services page for in-depth details.

Q. Is the Gadget doctor fee waived if my phone is in warranty provided by manufacturer?

A. Gadget Doctor would charge the same amount irrespective of your gadget is in the original warranty period or not.

Q. Does the original manufacturer warranty void post repair with Gadgetdoctor.in?

A. Gadget Doctor is an independent gadget service provider. If your gadget is within the warranty period, its manufacturer warranty might void post-repair with Gadget Doctor.

Q. What about the data on my phone/tablet/laptop/desktop?

A. While we take utmost care in ensuring there is no data loss, repair of mobile/tablet/laptop, etc. might entail formatting of the device and the company will not be responsible for the loss of saved data/contact information. Please take appropriate data backup before submitting your device.

Q. What if my phone is not switching on?

A. Mobiles/Tablet handed over in switched off state would be treated as dead mobile and the actual cost of repair would be confirmed post-diagnosis. Rs. 0/- would be charged for diagnosis but you have to pay Rs. 250/- as service security fees and this amount is fully refundable.